Expert Tech Support $80/hr.

Expert On-Site Tech Support

On-Site Tech Support for Businesses and ResidencesMake Karl Frank Jr. Computers your company’s one-stop shop for Premium IT tech support!  Karl has more than 25 years experience and has been a full-time tech support company since 2002.

Premium Technical Support

Do you need someone to set up, configure and install all those new computers? Well, Karl is happy to come out and make sure everyone in your office gets up and running quickly. If you are a small business or tech-dependent residence with no IT department to speak of, Karl can also provide on-call, on-site, tech support for your technical needs.


Whether you have small business with 2 computers that you want networked or a larger company with an existing network, Karl can help. Karl Frank Jr. Computers will visit your location and set up a network or provide tech support challenges you may be facing.

 Project-Based Solutions

Is your company ready for an IT upgrade? Do you have a project that’s too big for your IT department to handle? Maybe you don’t have anyone on staff with the skill set you need to get the job done? Karl can sit down with you to determine what your goal is, and how he can help you get from point A to point B. We can research different technologies and offer our expertise on the best solutions for you. We can lay out a project plan that includes the hardware, software, installation, training, programming and technical support required to get the job done.

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