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Disclaimer: If you are very concerned about accidentally deleting something you need, this may not be for you.

Duplicate Files Finder from

Disclaimer aside, I don’t want to delete something I want. Who does? That said, I have years and years of duplicate files and quite frankly, I don’t really care to look at every single file. Part of the reason is that according to Duplicate Files Finder, I have 36,359 duplicate files. I care, but I don’t care that much.

When looking for utility apps, like malware scans and duplicate file finders, I generally trust from CNET. When searching for “Duplicate Files” the highest rated program by the editors was Duplicate Files Finder. The program has been downloaded more than 470,000 times from and more than 2000 times in the last week. I typically consider usage in my analysis of worthiness and this program is used thoroughly in the real world.

Ease of Use was as easy as advertised. Very few clicks. It identifies duplicate files byte by byte and in the list of results shows the files by name, size, and date modified. I think it would only be on rare occasion that something was identified as a duplicate that was not.

As I said, Duplicate Files Finder found more than 36,000 duplicates on my hard drives, which is years of computer migrations and directory/file copies. I did a quick browse through the results to see if anything obvious made me less trusting of the results, and then went all in, deleting every duplicate copy, and freeing up 48.25 GBs of space on my hard drives.

I am relatively confident that all is well and that I won’t miss any files.

Time will tell.

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