Java Uninstaller Checks for Older, Insecure Versions

Java Uninstaller Scans for Old Insecure Versions of Java

After the last Java update, I used the tool in my browser of choice (Chrome) to verify I had the latest version. I don’t always do this check. When I finished the scan, Java asked if I would like to scan my system for older versions of Java that may be insecure.

“Old versions of Java on your computer present a serious security risk. If old versions are found, this tool will help you remove them.”

As always, as annoying as it can be, Java tends to be full of security holes and needs to be plugged regularly. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil of many operating system independent web applications. Alway update Java ASAP.

By the way, I had no old versions of Java installed. Good to know I guess.

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