Value Computer Repair for $75

Value Computer Repair – $75

Computer repair in St. Louis for $99

Karl Frank Jr. Computers now offers a valuable new service for residents and businesses in St. Louis, MO. – Value Computer Repair for $75.

Computer repair in Saint Louis, MO with a 30-day warranty for a flat rate of $75* labor. By Appointment Only.

Contact Karl at 314-375-6167 and he will complete your computer repair quickly and effectively.

Hardware repair, Virus Removal, Parental Controls, Data Recovery, Screen Replacement, Keyboard Replacement, Memory Upgrades, Data Backup, Maintenance, Optimization and More.

Computer repair, virus removal, maintenance, optimization, malware removal in St. Louis for $99In addition to fixing your computer repair, for no additional charge, Karl will run a comprehensive set of optimizations, maintenance, and diagnostics.

This means that not only will he get to the bottom of your problem, but you’ll also get loads of extras for free.

Comprehensive Diagnostics Include

  1. Perform integrity test on system RAM with exhaustive, low-level testing.
  2. Thoroughly optimize Windows by removing unnecessary junk software, adware, malware, et cetera.
  3. Setup Windows Operating System settings for optimal processor and video performance.
  4. Configure and setup Windows Security and Web Browser settings for optimal Internet safety.
  5. Update Windows operating system with latest patches and security fixes.
  6. Thoroughly test and defragment the Hard Disk Drive.
  7. Thoroughly dust out all system fans to protect against thermal related hardware failure.
  8. Perform integrity test on Hard Disk Drive with deep sector-based tests and screening.

Drop-Off Form

Save yourself some time at the drop-off location by downloading and filling out the form before your arrive:

Karl Frank Jr. Computers Drop-Off Form

* There is a $25 Minimum Diagnostic Fee if final repair is refused.  The $25 Diagnostic fee is included in the $75 labor cost, it is not in addition to the labor cost.  Therefore, all computers are repaired for $75 plus parts and software, if necessary.  The Minimum Diagnostic fee applies even if Karl Frank Jr. Computers can not find or replicate the error.  In such a rare case, the customer will be consulted and we will work together to try and replicate the error message.  All repairs come with a 30 day guarantee.  Most hardware components have a vendor warranty for 12 months and are only covered by the vendor.

Other Services

Pick-Up and Delivery Drop-Off Service
If you would like Karl Frank Jr. Computers to pick-up and/or deliver your computer, we will do so for $25 round trip. (Distance and Other Restrictions May Apply)

Delivery and Setup Service
If you would like Karl Frank Jr. Computers to deliver your computer and set it up (testing Internet Connections, Printers, etc.,) Premium hourly on-site rate of $80/hr. applies, with 1 hour minimum.

Online Marketing – “Seriously Social”
‘Seriously Social’ online marketing services, includes Search Engine Optimization, Online Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Local Search.

Premium Onsite Tech Support
Karl Frank Jr. Computers provides premium on-site, on-call, and remote tech support in St. Louis provided by Karl Frank Jr. Computers for $80 an hour.

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